Food Membership Meeting for Elijah

Dan One and Dan Two, Glyphia, Luke, Sarah, Alice, Jordan, Alex, Ava, Einar, the Baby, Zach, Harrison, Brennon, Chris

Can you fullfill the obligations of a food membershipper: Yes

Will you use all our shit? No

Cast iron pan knowledge sufficient

What can you cook? Food. Might be spicy

Favorite meal? Spicy fish

Veggie? Tomato cucumber salad

blah blah blah blah bvlah blagh motherfuckingblahladsfsdfsdfsdf.


elven council

Chris, Neo-Dan, Harrison, David, Clint, Sarah, Einar, Xylon, Glyphia, baby, Leslie, Alex, Jordan


  • More waterwork tomorrow
  • There will be zombies tonight


  • Payment plan for Alex! Passes. He'll pay mid-month.


  • Clean out and sort the bike shit? Let's do it!
  • Label your things to avoid their complete and irreparable destruction? Good idea!
  • A formal proposal will be made next week

elven council

Eli, Dan, Jordan, Tyler, Zach, Harrison, Chris, Luke, Clint, Brennon, Jack, perhaps more


  • MCN order arrive this Wednesday
  • We're hosting a potluck on Monday
  • Winterization update: Most rooms are winterized; the status of a few remains a mystery.

Committee Reports:

  • GMM happened; a maintenance officer was elected

Ad Hoc Committe Update:

  • Tony needs a maintenance list by Monday!