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elven council

Date of meeting: 
November 14, 2010 (All day)

Eli, Dan, Jordan, Tyler, Zach, Harrison, Chris, Luke, Clint, Brennon, Jack, perhaps more


  • MCN order arrive this Wednesday
  • We're hosting a potluck on Monday
  • Winterization update: Most rooms are winterized; the status of a few remains a mystery.

Committee Reports:

  • GMM happened; a maintenance officer was elected

Ad Hoc Committe Update:

  • Tony needs a maintenance list by Monday!
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FNB invasion

Time estimate: 
15 minutes
FNB would like to use our kitchen to prepare meals and our bike room closet to store food.
Let 'em.
good pr
brings awesome volunteer types to our house
Uses up space
kitchen unavailable during cooking time (usually Sat. morning)
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elven council

Date of meeting: 
September 19, 2010 (All day)

xylon, aaron, brennon, tyler, luke, zach, eli, david, ashley, dan, leslie, chris, jessica , jordan, alice, glyphia

food comes wed. - don't eat eventeory food before being inventoriced

committy reports:
murder commitee - no murders
mcc talked about how the can help us, endorsed

need produce buyer
ashley runs for mail forwarder - passes

show on proposals for oct. 1st and 22nd passes

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elven council

Date of meeting: 
September 13, 2010 (All day)

Page 1
Notes 9/13
Chris, Char (MCC) Ashley, Harrison, David, Tyler, Zach, Glyph, Dan, Tony (maintenance), reid,
Xylon, Alice, Aleks, Leslie
Randall needs to get stuff out
Spring cleaning
Xylon – grease trap got cleaned
Katy is objected to
2 Proposals
2 memberships
Committee reports -
MCC to move Lothlorien to phase II from phase III.
20% vacancy. No reps to maintenance, membership
$30000 of unpaid debt
not sending a board rep
mice, roaches
not abiding by some agreements in scheduled agreements.
Mainly to help out house and not to point fingers

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membership meeting for Hunter Martin

Date of meeting: 
September 3, 2010 (All day)

Membership Meeting for Hunter

Attendence: Eli , Dan, Xylon, Glyphia, Chris, Luke, Aleks, Brennon, jordan

Eli: Do you like to read, and what?

A: I'm more of an internet browser/reader. I have ADHD

Dan: Do you have any pets?

A: Yea, my mom's a vet and we swap pets a lot, in and out of health. I don't think I'll be bringing any, not planning on it.

A: DO you guys have bandwidth limits?

Zach: What skills do you have?

A: I can do general house tasks [IT things]

Glyphia: Can you pay?

A: Yes, I'll have a job.

Luke: What drew you to Loth?